Siri will be Able to Find & Tag Pictures in the near Future


Apple has indexed a patent provision with the US Patent and Trademark Office, showing that the company may include voice-regulated photograph tagging and search features to Siri, its practically virtual right hand.

The patent, portrayed as ‘Voice-Based Image tagging and searching’, frameworks a system to look for tagged photographs on an electronic device utilizing regular language content strings. These text strings could be utilized to recognize an entity, action as well as the location.

For instance, the user could talk a depiction of what is in a photo, for example, “this is me at the soccer game” and the photograph will be immediately tagged with the proper data. The tags may incorporate extra data that the client did not mention explicitly, (for example, the name of the individual to which “me” alludes), making a more complete and handy tag.

When a photo is tagged utilizing this technique, different photos that are comparative may be immediately tagged with the same or comparable data, evacuating the need to tag each photograph separately. The point when a client wishes to look around his photos, he may basically talk and ask for: “show me the photos of the soccer game”. Further, the framework could tag new photographs dependent upon likenesses to formerly tagged photographs.

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