Rolls Royce Recompenses UAE’s input to its Yearly Sales with the Exclusive ECO


UAE is about to experience the pleasures of extreme luxury with the new Rolls Royce, special edition Ghost. This is an African-styled customized creation from the German manufacturer that is coated in green, the color of nature. The car will soon be showcased by Abu Dhabi motors, as proclaimed by the Brand Manager of Abu Dhabi Motors, Kadhim Al Helli.

This vehicle is a special piece of artifact with special features enclosed, as it is engraved and printed with glyphs and symbols, derived from African ethnic civilization. Moreover, the car is decorated with a blend of greens. Fame Green on the exterior, and Pine Green on the inside. This unique color scheme on the whole, gives an overall impression of foliage. Termed as ‘ECO’, the concept of this particular automotive revolves around the beauty of fauna.

This distinctly featured Ghost could be considered as a gift to the Middle Eastern market, against the profitability it has shown so far. In the past year collections of Rolls Royce, UAE markets accounted 20% of the overall sales, which is a stunning fact for the company itself. Moving down in the list of buyers, UAE is followed by the Chinese auto market with 11% contribution in the 2013 sales of Rolls Royce. The year 2013 was the fourth in series for Rolls Royce to trade highest number of units. However, from a total of 3630 units sold, it was Dubai and Abu Dhabi to hold the most of the customers. While in the previous year, Abu Dhabi was listed among the top three markets for yearly sales of the said luxury brand.


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