Apple Plans on its very First Wearable: the iWatch


Apple, Inc. has recently hired Roy Raymann, an expert on sleep research, to assist the company in developing its very first wearable. Although the news for the hire was confirmed by 9to5Mac but they seemed to have no idea why the hiring was made.

A closer look at Rayman’s resume through his Linkedin page suggests his targets would be the development of the iWatch’s body tracking and activity monitoring features. That’s what you could expect from someone who holds a PhD in “interaction between sleep and thermoregulation” and has spent a major part of his life researching on sleep activity and physiological responses. Raymann also holds the experience of working on sensors that track such activity.

Raymann was formerly a member of Philips research and worked there for over 6 years, developing their sleep research facility.

For months, there have been rumors of Apple developing its wearable iWatch which would feature an IOS integration and activity monitoring sensors. With Raymanns addition to the innovative team, you might just be one step closer to getting your hands on the most awaited iWatch.

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