The “Exosuit” Takes you Deeper than Ever


Nuytco Research limited, has developed the Exosuit, which can make divers go as deep as a thousand feet safely.

What appears to be more of an astronaut’s apparel is actually the generation-next diving suit. Although the suit is made out of hard metal, but you can still operate it flexibly within those deep waters. Divers can benefit from the innovation a great deal because of its unique atmospheric diving system, which ensures stability in cabin pressure of the surface. This gives divers the freedom from worrying about decompression time. The suit has also enhanced the underwater life-support by delivering an amazing 50 hours of life.

Although the suit seems to be a something from the outer-space, but still gives the divers to move conveniently underwater. It has been specially designed with a total of 18 rotary joints in the arms and legs, which ensure convenient maneuvering. The manufacturers claim that the Exosuit is agile enough to perform the most delicate of tasks without a hitch.

The suit is available in the market at a cost of around $600,000. The invention of the Exosuit has created new possibilities for divers around the world, and has raised the standards for others to follow.

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