Samsung Launches Milk Music in the US


Samsung has introduced a free streaming radio service by the name of ‘Milk Music’ in its phones today, claiming that the service is much better than other music apps in the market. This extremely efficient app includes 13 million songs and more than 200 stations.

The service might of the highest quality but it will face severe competition from rivals like iTunes Radio, Pandora and Spotify.

Daren Tsui, the vice president of music at Samsung Media Solutions, admits that digital music industry is extremely competitive but he is confident about the success of the app as the company claims it to be better than existing apps in the market.

I find the app unveiled by Samsung as a traditional radio tuner, allowing users to easily access the music they want to listen. If you are choosy about music, you can use the ‘My Stations’ section where you can add your favorite stations. You can also tag songs as favorites and can also avoid listening to songs you do not like.

Samsung’s app has been powered by Slacker, which has its own streaming service where users have to pay $4 a month to remove ads. However, ‘Milk Music’ is absolutely free and the app can be immediately downloaded from Google Play.


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