Google Starts Using Encryption in Gmail to Counter Surveillance Issues


Reacting to continuous revelations about various US surveillance programs, technology giant Google has decided to use encryption for its popular Gmail service.

In a blog post, the Gmail engineering security chief, Nicolas Lidzborski claimed that Google considers email privacy of its users to be extremely important, and to enhance the data security the company has immediately started using an encrypted HTTPS connection while a user checks or sends an email.

This step taken by the California-based organization means, hackers will not be able to access your messages even if you are on a public WiFi.

A former contractor of the National Security Agency (NSA), Edward Snowden shocked the internet users last year, revealing that the US government agencies grab peoples’ personal data through major technology firms.

In order to limit the ability of third parties to read emails or messages; Facebook, Microsoft and Yahoo have also shown intentions of using encryption.

This technique will ensure that intercepting someone’s documents or messages will be quite difficult for hackers; however, they can still access the desired information by stealing passwords through various methods including malware.

Online security analysts have welcomed this move by Google, although it does not make Gmail totally safe.


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