Get A Free Bumper Case On Purchase Of An iPhone4

Free Apple Bumper CaseDespite the much hyped iPhone 4 signal issue the sale of this hottest gadget remains unaffected.

Analyst Shaw Wu of Kaufman Bros. publicly stated that this signal problem was ‘overdone’ as it could be easily solved by putting a protective cover called ‘Bumper Case’. Moreover Apple has made a declaration that they will provide a discount on the $29 iPhone 4 bumper case or offer one free Bumper Case on purchase of every iPhone 4.

Apple representative, in a press announcement has said that holding any mobile phone can affect its antenna performance. The company also suggested the users to avoid gripping the device in the bottom left corner.

Wu in a public statement announces he is highly optimistic on Apple’s launch of the iPhone 4, where he predicts that the leading company sold between 1.5 million and 2 million units which on the high end would be just double than the last year debut of the iPhone 3GS.

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3 Responses to "Get A Free Bumper Case On Purchase Of An iPhone4"

  1. Zoe says:


    Can you link to your source on the free case from Apple? I have searched and can’t find mention of this anywhere.

    Let me know.


  2. whats4lunch says:

    I agree with Zoe; citation needed.

  3. Leo Pattric says:

    I think this post should update with Apple’s latest solution. Every iPhone 4 owner will agree that Apple should give away free bumper cases. But the truth is that you have to spend $29 on Apple’s original bumper cases which are available on Apple’s online store: http://store.apple.com/us/product/MC597ZM/A

    If you are a guy like me who would rather buy cheaper and affordable cases, please check out : http://www.sourcingmap.com/iphone4-cases-c-983_2036.html . i ordered a silicon case with free screen protector which is assume to reach on this Friday.

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