Dell Streak Android Tablet Review

Dell Streak Android Powered Tablet is here to stay. I just thought of reviewing Dell Streak after all the hype about Apple Products like iPhone 4 lowered.Dell Streak Android Tablet The first thing that we notice about Dell Streak is the 5 inch Touch Screen Display. And its not surprising that Dell Streak is considered the largest smartphone in the world. The second big thing is obviously the platform-Android. More than 30,000 Apps are available for download via Android App Store. With a 1GHz CPU, the device is surely ready to give top notch performance.

But is Dell Streak a Smartphone or a Tablet? Actually its a bit of both. You can make calls using the Dell Streak and obviously use it as a Tablet just like Apple iPad. Its unusual to have a phone with such a large size. Yes, you cannot hold the Dell Streak long to converse as it is 15 cm wide. But the best part about Dell Streak is that it offers the same kind of features that Apple iPad offers but within a 5 inch display.

Dell Streak can be used for browsing photos, videos, internet and as a e-reader. The Landscape mode allows you to perform such functions with ease. The Tablet also comes with a 5MP Camera with support for Video Recording. With Android 1.6, Dell Streak is out dated. But its reported that Android 2.2 and Adobe Flash Player 10.1 would be available in the year end.

Wi-Fi, 3G, Accelerometer, Bluetooth Connectivity make up for software downfall. Dell Streak comes with Google Maps Integration and thus GPS Navigation. When it comes to storage, 2GB in-built memory is provided and expandable up to 32 GB. There is a TV Output, which lets you connect your Dell Streak to TV to watch movies. HDMI Output is there along with USB and Audio Ports.

The absence of the latest version of Android is the only disappointment. But with updates expected to arrive soon, Dell Streak is here to stay. Its not a must have gadget, but definitely worth trying if you are obsessed with the size of Apple iPad. The Dell Streak is priced at £399[Euros] or $599[US Dollars]

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5 Responses to "Dell Streak Android Tablet Review"

  1. paul archer says:

    You claim that the Streak has TV, HDMI, audio, and USB out. But the UK version has only audio out and a propietary connector to provide HDMI and USB. Are you misinformed, or simply not mentioning that this device has a proprietary connector (possibly because you haven’t actually had your hands on it)? Or has Dell made changes to this device from the UK version to give it these standard ports?

    Also, you’re the first to report anything other than a $500 price tag in the US. Is this a confirmed number, or have you just converted from pounds?

  2. Praveen says:

    Well, i actually didn’t mention that you need a HDMI Dock to avail HDMI and USB ports. Dell has not included the HDMI dock with the package for UK. It is available for sale as an external accessory. Moreover the price that we specified includes data plans from O2. For the first month you will need to shed 25 Pounds where you have limited data transfer or 35 pounds for unlimited data transfer.

  3. Cristin says:

    love the Streak! Absolutely Stunning! I wish Dell’s sale would cover it!

    Save an additional $50 off systems $699 and above with coupon code: WQQ$MQ0M4JNCWD. Or save $100 off systems $999 and above with coupon code: B980P775CS2Z02. Go to Dell.com/DellU or call 866-914-6077

    Offer ends 6/30.

  4. logan says:

    i really like my streak, size or no size. this thing is so fun to play with. great unlocked cell phone. it’s kind of hard to hold sometimes but it’s great with all the games and apps. keeps my family busy on long trips and when they are bored. there are a lot of goodies on there for dad too. web browser is great for my espn updates and other stuff, much better than our old unlocked blackberry phones. the facebook camera and recorder are great. lots of fun, it’s like ur on a computer the screen is so big and it’s easy to navigate. got our last couple streaks at unlockthatphone.com two thumbs way up

  5. raj says:

    hi to everyone, i need to knw how to connect the dell steak to an tv… would someone explain in detail how to connect the dell streak with an tv, i would highly appreciate tht… thank you

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