iPhone 4 Recall Rumor – Apple Stock Price Fall

Apple iPhone 4 Recall? No, its absolutely a fake rumor spreading over the Internet due to DailyMail’s dismal news report based on a Fake Twitter Account of Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple. As a result, Apple Stock Price was hit badly.
iPhone 4 Recall
DailyMail, a leading national newspaper was completely mislead by a tweet made by parody Twitter Account of Steve Jobs. They started the news by mentioning the Tweet made by Steve Jobs[Fake Account].

Now at present, DailyMail has removed the news story. Understandable, since they can also be sued by Apple for creating wrong news without confirmation. This entire mess up has hit the stock prices of Apple. Though the iPhone 4 Recall isn’t true, the rumor has spread wildfire.

But honestly speaking, with the kind of problems of reception with iPhone 4, Apple should consider the option of recalling iPhone 4. Otherwise it may lose out on potential customers. Apple share price has doubled in the past one year. If iPhone 4 is not successful, then it may have a dent in its stock price in the coming months.

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