iPhone 4 With SingTel Heading Towards Singapore: Get Registered Soon

iphone4 launch in singaporeAfter the much anticipated announcement of iPhone 4 launch in India, now Apple moves forward to Singapore with its all new iPhone 4. The people of Singapore can expect the much awaited arrival of the hottest iPhone 4 very Singapore soon. SingTel which is known as the largest operator of Singapore has opened Registrations for iPhone 4 saying that they are planning to get stocks based on users’ preference.

With over 1.7 million iPhone 4s being sold in just 3 days in US and UK we are quite sure Apple is running on inventory. We have also heard the Apple might face display error.

Moreover the country does not permit anyone to sell locked handsets so we can expect that iPhone 4 will definitely come unlocked. There are also speculations whether SingTel will sell the phone on prepaid connection or not. If you are interested to buy this handset then register your interest by clicking on SingTel registration page. Though SingTel is not accepting pre-order of iPhone 4 at this moment but they will keep you informed on new offers and info related to the launch of iPhone 4 with SingTel.

Hence the all the Singapore people keep patience and see what Apple comes up with. If you want to get registered at the official website of SingTel for further details, visit the link.

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