PS3 Update 3.40 Firmware Arrives – Download Now!

Sony has officially launched the new firmware update 3.40 for PlayStation 3 (PS3). This firmware update 3.40 brings a lot of features including PlayStation Plus, a paid subscription service. A whole lot of new feature also arrive in this update of PS3.
PS3 Update 3.40

As you know that PlayStation Plus offers exclusive content like latest news, game demos, free trials, bet testing and free PSP mini games monthly. The features of this PS3 update 3.40 include Facebook Connect, New Video Uploader, Photo Sharing Tool and lots of fixes.

A separate Facebook application will be available and hence updates on the PlayStation Store can be posted directly. The New Video Editor/Uploader allows you to edit videos and upload it to YouTube and Facebook. Rating System has been introduced by which users can rate the purchased items from PlayStation Store. With Photo Sharing, you can edit and upload photos to Facebook Profiles, Picasa Web Albums. Moreover you can comment, share and even print those photos. Its time to update your Playstation 3 to 3.40 Firmware!

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