iPhone 4 Reception Issue: Class Action Lawsuit Against Apple

law suit against iPhone 4Our reporters just got the report that California law firm Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff (KCR) has begun the investigation against Apple as their newly launched iPhone 4 customers are experiencing some problems due to signal loss when holding the device in a specific manner.

If you recently purchased the new iPhone and facing poor reception quality, dropped calls and weak signals like many other iPhone 4 customers then the Law firm would like to take on the matter to begin the solicitation against the leading company.

The law firm Kershaw, Cutter & Ratinoff (KCR) got some popularity due to its class action suit filing against Facebook and social gaming company Zynga for the “special offer” ads in Zynga’s popular games which were nothing but scams. Now it is the Apple inc. to become their next target for legal suit.

The firm is also offering telephone, email, and live chat contact options for the customers as it most likely planning to initiate a class action lawsuit against Apple.

We haven’t received any further statement from Apple regarding this issue of signal loss and prospect of class action lawsuits yet. Though after the much publicized iPhone 4 signal problem Apple repeatedly made the public statement which describes the matter as a normal occurrence. In fact, one report even claimed that an iOS update on Monday might be able eliminate the problem due to a lag in the iPhone 4’s capacity to switch between frequencies is the reason of the loss in signal.

But after KCR made the announcement on lawsuit against Apple, how Apple deals the situation it still suspense.



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