Would Dell Streak And Blackberry Perform Better On iOS4?

Dell Streak and Blackberry iOS4Apple’s iOS 4 is considered one of the top mobile operating systems. It comes with multitasking capabilities, folder support, a superior Mail and so on. It doesn’t include all the bells and whistles that users will get in more capable operating systems, like Windows or Mac OS X. But it’s not intended for that. Apple’s mobile OS is purposely designed for those users who prefer a simple, lightweight operating system that offers them more productive usability while on-the-go, or relaxing in free time flipping through photographs on an iPad. The biggest drawback of iOS 4 is that it only runs on the Apple devices. Though we understand that Apple has built a top quality mobile operating system and if it becomes compatible with other devices it would lose its edge over the competition.

But if we look from the consumer’s perspective it is clearly understandable that consumers and enterprise customers will certainly appreciate if Apple takes such move. Since there are quite a lot of devices on store shelves that would be greatly enhanced if they ran iOS 4 which also includes the products like Dell Streak, Motorola and Blackberry handsets, HP laptops. It is just a suggestion on behalf of the thousands of consumers who will be immensely benefitted if Apple loosens the restriction over iOS4 and makes this available for other devices as well.

So, readers what you say? We would like to hear your opinion regarding this issue. Please post your suggestion and we will convey them to the concerning authority.


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3 Responses to "Would Dell Streak And Blackberry Perform Better On iOS4?"

  1. Dave Sill says:

    No, thanks, I want Android on my Streak. Let the Apple fans stick to Apple devices.

  2. Bob says:

    Check your facts. The android OS will be on more smartphones than apple in just a few short months. You clearly do not take integrity in your reporting. Had you even considered that android is open source? Everyone who builds smartphones is going to want a cheap os… Apple is notorious for charging an arm and a leg for everything they make…

  3. Praveen says:

    Hello Bob,

    Thanks for your comments. But what we suggested was to make Apple iOS4 available on other devices. Apple survives due to their unique iOS and Apps Features. We wanted to know if iPhone can survive as a device had the iOS 4 and its large collection of Apps are available on other devices as well.
    We are never against Android, infact we love Android and its fast growing App Store. Android is still growing and will be on many devices by next year. What’s your take on it?

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