Zapak Games Now Available On Facebook

Zapak Games can now be played on Facebook. A new Zapak Games App is available for users to add and play games through Facebook. Currently, Zapak has added 30 games to the Facebook App. But it is expected to increase in the coming weeks. Zapak has added games of genre like sports, cricket, shooting, arcade, strategy and racing games.

Zapak Games on Facebook

The new Facebook application will allow users to play Zapak Games of their choice and simultaneously challenge a friend to beat his score. The user can invite friends despite them not having installed the Zapak App. There is also Prizes, Medals Page where the high score, prizes and medals won by the user are shown in the profile.

Facebook, being the most visited site, will give more exposure to Zapak Games and will definitely add interaction between Zapak gamers. This new application is surely going to bring in a lot of users to join Social Network Games.

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