Google Maps Face Stiff Competition From MapQuest

Google Maps feels the heat as MapQuest made serious changes to its site design targeted at travelers. MapQuest in quest to climb up to Google, brought in new features that helps travelers to discover new locations and drive through the way.
Google Maps Vs MapQuestGoogle Maps was in the news for the ‘horse boy’ issue. But now with MapQuest’s new features, Google Maps just needs to rethink.

So what’s so new about MapQuest? The interface is more intuitive with a smaller search box and it pretty much resembles the Google Maps and Bing Maps. MapQuest’s MyMap Service can now be accessed through Google, Yahoo and AOL Accounts along with Social Networking Sites like Facebook and Twitter. So now you can easily share your maps with Friends through these sites.

MapQuest has also made it easy for travelers to find hotels, restaurants, parks, garages and more. You can get specific information about the place such as website links. This MapQuest feature is not available by default for everyone, but you can move to new.mapquest.com to avail these features. Google Maps, watch out for MapQuest.[Just Kidding]

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