Microsoft Discontinues KIN Line: What Went Wrong?

Microsoft Kin one and Microsoft Kin TwoAfter 48 days of launching KIN Microsoft finally has made the decision to discontinue the KIN line and cancel its release in Europe in the fall. Now they will be giving more emphasis on the launch of KIN Specs

. Moreover they are planning integrate their KIN team with the team of upcoming Windows Phone 7, incorporating precious ideas as well as advanced technologies from KIN into their Windows Phone release. At present they will continue to work with Verizon in the U.S. to promote recent KIN phones.

But what was the reason behind this disappointing declaration. For this we need to peep at its specs that have turned it into a major fall back.

Experts have highlighted numerous prominent errors from Kin’s set of features:

  • Kin does not include any calendar or appointment application, nor it has the any ability to go along with Outlook calendar or Google Calendar.
  • It does not support to Instant Messaging, or utilize any IM client, It was observed that the ROM inside KIN supports an IM system including AOL Instant Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, as well as Yahoo! Messenger, but none of them are operational at present. It was expected that in future KIN would enable instant messaging.
  • There was no spelling correction software or predictive text input present on the Kin devices.
  • It doesn’t include MicroSD or memory expansion slots.
  • Kin is unable tot sync or transfer contact lists from a few non-Microsoft services such as Gmail and Yahoo! Mail. It is only compatible with Windows Live and Facebook accounts.
  • There is no photo editing software included in Kin
  • It doesn’t include any app store and the users are not allowed to install any 3rd party apps on Kin. Furthermore Kin web browser is not equipped with Flash web applications.

So we just wish that Microsoft learns something from this failure of Kin handsets and anticipate that Windows Phone 7 will be able to do much better.

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