Mobile Roaming Charges Slashes In 27 EU Countries

Mobile Roaming Charges Slashes In 27 EU CountriesThis is the time for the citizens of the 27 EU countries as from now on they will be paying less for calls and data while roaming across the European Union. This majot step has been taken in the EU Parliament program to reduce roaming charges, which began last year and will be accomplished next July when the prices will be trimmed down once again.

Calls and text messages

From 1 July 2010 the maximum rate for outgoing mobile calls is reduced to € 0.39 per minute, while incoming calls charges will be maximum € 0.15 per minute. Furthermore voice mail message receiving will become free in general.

The third and last price reduction is expected to begin on July 2011. In that case EU roaming charges will go down to € 0.35 per minute for outgoing calls and € 0.11 for incoming calls.


Data charges also went through some changes as well. Last year on 1 July 2009 the wholesale price per megabyte was reduced to 1 euro whereas yesterday it was reduced to

€0.80 per megabyte and from next year it will be slashed to € 0.50 per megabyte.

However, the data charge limits that has been determined by the EU Parliament are in fact the highest price network carriers are supposed to charge each other. In other words, in this case the EU Parliament has encouraged a healthy competition between mobile operators that will result in lowering data charges, rather than commanding a price cap.

You should know that the quoted prices exclude VAT where applicable and are valid for calls, messages and data within the European Union territory.

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