Sony Vaio Recall Status: Firmware Update Enough

There were reports earlier about a possible recall of Sony Vaio Laptops due to overheating problems. The recall applies to Vaio F and C series laptops. There are approximately 500,000 units of these laptops which suffers a overheating problem due to the inefficiency of the internal temperature management system.Sony Vaio RecallIf the laptops overheats, it could cause melting of certain parts like keyboard along with the casing. It effectively means your laptop will burnout rendering it useless.

It is reported that these laptop models included regions such as Asia, Japan, UK and the U.S. This mass recall is not going to happen, says Sony. Sony briefs this issue by saying this overheating problem could be fixed with a firmware update.

The update is a BIOS firmware update, which needs to be chosen according to the laptop model number and the corresponding operating system. This update is available on Sony’s website.

The overheating could actually be a burn hazard for users. But no injuries have been reported. Around 30 cases of overheating has reached Sony so far. Sony is the latest company to be involved in recall mess. Earlier companies like Acer, Dell and Apple recalled due to battery problems.

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