HTC Vision Android QWERTY Phone With Dual Core Processor

HTC Vision is the latest model that is rumored to come with Android Gingerbread. This HTC Vision smartphone is probably the answer for Dual Core Processors in a mobile. The phone comes with a 800MHz Dual Core Processor along with a number of other heavyweight features.
HTC Vision AndroidSome of the key features of HTC Vision includes a 4.3 inch Touch Display,full featured QWERTY Keyboard and a 8 Mega Pixel Camera. The phone is also expected to be launched with T-Mobile later this year. Obviously there will be a front faced camera for video chatting. We are yet to see a Dual Core CPU in a smartphone and hence this device probably might bring in good news.

On the other hand there are concerns about the battery life, like how long will it standby. With more heavy processors, more the battery needed to bring the best performance. Also there are lot of confusions over what version of Android is Gingerbread. I, for once had a small research on the web to find out this and concluded that its version 3.0 that is Gingerbread.

Meanwhile there are rumors about a Motorola Android Phone featuring a dual core processor. God, who creates rumors?

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One Response to "HTC Vision Android QWERTY Phone With Dual Core Processor"

  1. Eric says:

    Ya… pretty much everything about it turned out to be not true.

    4.3″ screen – no.
    Dual core processor – no.
    Gingerbread – no.

    Only the QWERTY keyboard survives. 😉

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