Google Maps Now Lets You Track Tour de France

If you love cycling, then Google Maps will make you more happier by providing real time updates of HTC Columbia team in Tour de France. The world’s most historical and prestigious sporting event will now be in the radar of Google.
Google Maps Tour de France
HTC Columbia Team features eight riders who will be tracked real time. You can see the live updates on Google Maps Tour de France.

The best part about this service is that when you select an individual, a lot of information such as Speed, Power, Cadence and Heart Rate are displayed on the side. Since its known already that cycling is a tiring process, a lot of energy is required for an individual to survive long.

But besides that, many will wonder why Google chose to track a single team. Yes, its HTC and they are the most important partner for Google in Android Phone market. If you look at the competition, Bing Maps provide an even more comprehensive app for tracking Tour de France. Its just for the goodness of fans!

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