Windows XP SP2 Support To End Soon: Microsoft

Microsoft is set to stop all updates for its Windows XP SP2 Users. The deadline for this is July 13, 2010. So typically there is only one week left for Windows XP SP2 users to either upgrade to SP3 or other versions of Windows such as Vista or 7.
Windows XP SP2
Microsoft will stop providing security updates for its Windows XP SP2 users from July 13. They prevent users from accessing the Windows Update website and disable the Automatic Update feature as well.

If you are using Windows Vista without any service pack, then you would have noticed that updates are no longer available. The support was dropped on April 13, 2010. Microsoft is indirectly encouraging users to start moving to Windows 7. They quoted saying, “Important notice for users of Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (SP2): The support for your product will end July 13th, 2010. To ensure that you will receive all important security updates for Windows after that date you need to upgrade to Windows XP with Service Pack 3 (SP3) or later versions such as Windows 7.”

But it is obvious that Windows XP is still the most popular version as its been used by one third of PC users all over the world till now.

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