Ubuntu Installed Successfully In HTC HD2

Guess what? Ubuntu has been successfully installed and is now running on HTC HD2. The developers at the XDA Forum were searching for ways to install Android on this phone but finally managed to install Ubuntu, an open source operating system. There isn’t a mobile till date that is running on Ubuntu, so its a major breakthrough by the developers.

Ubuntu in HTC HD2

So what does it mean for users?

Well, i guess its not going to be of any use since Ubuntu interface does not provide the basic functionality of a phone.[To call others, Send SMS]. May be you can use Skype if you want to call and any other free SMS sending site to send SMS. That’s just my suggestion!

Not only that, the Ubuntu interface is meant for PCs and hence display in mobiles could be a big problem. HTC HD2 has a 4 inch display. Without a mouse, it will be uncomfortable for you to get used to it.

Having said this, we need to appreciate the developers who managed such an achievement! What do you say?

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