Apple iPhone 4 Too Hot To Handle, Catches Fire

Apple iPhone 4 after suffering from poor reception issues, has come under the radar after it caught fire when it was plugged to a computer using the Apple USB Cable.Apple iPhone 4 FireIn the image you can clearly see the molten remains of the USB cable and the iPhone 4 which was heated.[To be more accurate it was fried].

This report came out from Boy Genius Report. The phone’s user had also underwent some minor hand injuries during the burn. It is also reported that the customer had taken the damaged phone to AT&T store with a hope of repairing it. But the iPhone had suffered damages beyond repairable conditions.

The App Store report on this issue states that the fire was due to the defective USB port that was used to connect the iPhone. But iPhone 4 users are required to stay calm since the accident happened due to the defective USB port. Hopefully this is the first and only iPhone 4 fire accident.

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