App Inventor By Google Encourages Novice Android Developers

Google launched App Inventor on Monday to cheer up all budding Android Developers. Basically, the App Inventor allows developers to build apps for Android Platform without any programming knowledge.
App Inventor
The best part about this app inventor is that it allows younger generation to quickly and easily create Android Apps based on their interests without any prior programming skills.

The App Inventor was under testing for more than a year now and finally Google has released its beta test product. This App Inventor was tested by a group of people which involved sixth grade student as well as a university student.

If you are a tech-savvy user then you can recall old memories when Visual Basic was introduced first for Windows Platform. App Inventor Project head Harold Abelson quotes “The goal is to enable people to become creators, not just consumers, in this mobile world”.

App Inventor is still not out for everyone to use. If you need to get hands on this software, go ahead and fill out this

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