Microsoft Outlook Express Gets Integrated With Facebook

Microsoft Outlook and FacebookIf you are a regular user of Microsoft’s e-mail program then you are going to get another advantage by using your Outlook account, as from now on Microsoft is bringing the upgraded version of Outlook Express that shows Facebook status updates, photos and wall posts in real time, and Outlook also displays profile pictures of your contact’s Facebook account.

Facebook is now the world’s most visited site. If the Outlook users get the access to this social networking site then Microsoft Outlook will surely gain more popularity. Earlier we have seen that Microsoft debuted their connection with LinkedIn which is another popular networking site in last February and also added MySpace to the mix in March.

Though at present the users can only read status updates and look at photos in their Facebook account but they can’t “Like” anything or post updates of their own. Microsoft accouneced that it is planning to let users add data to social networks in the future, but didn’t mention Facebook in particular.

Before Outlook became integrated with Social networking, Yahoo Mail started the trend by providing Facebook status updates from March onwards. Eventually Hotmail also joined the trail with Facebook and MySpace support during May. Google’s Gmail planned its own path by adding Google Buzz. It seems that it’s a natural headway for communications; the similar union of social networking with e-mail and text messaging that is happening on smartphones.

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