T-Mobile Prepones Its Launch Of Samsung Vibrant On 15th July To Beat AT &T

Samsung VibrantT-Mobile has just made the confirmation that they will introduce the latest Samsung Vibrant on July 15 instead of July 21st. This sudden change in their schedule happened due to the tough competition between T-Mobile and AT&T which took place. AT&T planned the launch of the Samsung Captivate on July 18 and thus they will become the first carrier in the US to bring a customized version of the Galaxy S.

As we heard before, the Samsung Vibrant will only be available on T-Mobile on July 21, but obviously the operator succeeded to get the devices a week before and will be using this to their advantage. That way everyone who really wants to buy the device first in the US with a Galaxy S, will be rushing towards T-Mobile store on next Thursday.

A slightly modified design and support for the T-Mobile 3G band is all that makes the Vibrant far different than the European I9000 Galaxy S.[See Specifications]

T-Mobile is going to offer the Galaxy S for a cent under 200 US dollars with a certified voice and data plan on a two-year contract.

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  1. The thing is in point of fact helpful, I only in the near past were given a Samsung Intercept via Sprint. That is my 3rd attempt at seeking to upgrade a moderately old-fashioned phone. I’m hopeful approximately this phone because it mounted a large number of the issues that I experienced with the Moment. Prior to I make any top adjustments to the telephone, I need to a minimum of be sure that I will stay it for greater than a week, and thus far, it’s been going nice =)

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