Is Apple iPhone 4 Recall Offer Coming Up Tomorrow?

Apple iPhone4 recallAccording to the grapevine, tomorrow Apple is organizing a press conference. Now guess what will be the main focus of this much anticipated press conference! Obviously it is the iPhone 4 and its antenna problem which has created so much of customer grievances since it has been released in the market. Apple is most probably going to discuss about how it has figured out a solution for the problems, or something to that effect. Whether the company will issue an official recall or simply offer free bumpers to iPhone 4 to the customers remains to be seen.

The timing of the press conference reflects the fact that the company is hosting its earnings call on Tuesday and it makes sense for it to deal with the antenna issue prior to that call. In a note to his clients this morning, Rodman & Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar wrote:

Our supply chain checks disclose that Apple has set up a design fix for the iPhone 4 that more sufficiently protects the transceiver module. Apple is also seems to provide the bumper, gratis, as an intermediary solution. It is uncertain if Apple will declare an official recall.

Offering a free bumper seems quite reasonable to us. Another important point to note — according to AT&T’s replacement policies you can return a phone within 30 days of purchasing it. We think Apple and AT&T are most likely going to waive the restocking fee in this case.

Apple, according to estimation, should end the June 2010 having sold more than 8 million iPhones, cautious about nine million device estimate, thanks to limited supply. Moreover, the company may have sold about 3.2 million iPads during the quarter, roughly in line with Apple’s own estimates.

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