Downloadable Google Earth Map Features The Impacts of 4 °C Warmer world



Four degrees Celsius Google Earth layer

Four degrees Celsius Google Earth layer

Recently an innovative and interactive Google Earth map has been initiated that shows how things would transform if the world was on average four degrees Celsius warmer. And Chris Huhne has joined French and German ministers in pushing for a 30 per cent emissions reduction target across Europe.


The map layer makes use of the most recent Google Earth technology to demonstrate probable changes if standard global temperatures rise four degrees over the pre-industrial temperatures. The map layer explains the expected impacts of increasing temperatures across the globe.

If you download the map layer by following the given link, you can rotate the globe and zoom in on regions to compare the effects in one section with another.

You will need to install Google Earth on your computer for the map to work. This free software download is also available here.

The map was introduced by the government in collaboration with the Met Office, and was created using peer-reviewed science from top climate change experts.

The four degrees Celsius Google Earth layer features:

  • Interactive software that demonstrates the global consequences of climate change – users move the globe and zoom in on areas of interest
  • videos of UK climate scientists describing the current scientific research
  • videos of Foreign Office and British Council projects around the world to mitigate the impacts of climate change
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