Apple iPhone 4 Vs HTC Evo 4: Which One To Choose?

HTC EVO 4G and Apple iPhone 4After HTC EVO 4G became available in the market, speculations are running rife whether it would be able to challenge the craze for upcoming white Apple iPhone 4G. Some people think iPhone 4 could be easily beaten by EVO 4G due to its antenna problems. If you’re yearning a crisp, white gadget for your smart phoning experience, don’t hang around the white iPhone 4 which still remains unseen. Instead, go for a white EVO 4G handset, which is currently available in Best Buy locations five days early. We already know that the EVO 4G stacks up to the iPhone when it comes to power, usefulness, and versatility, but if you still waiting for a white iPhone 4 alternative, you’ll have to keep patience for another two weeks as it has postponed its arrival until  30th July.

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