Microsoft Introduces New Xbox 360 Controller: Price $65

Microsoft has recently unveiled their upcoming Xbox 360 wireless controller with lots of new features. This device includes new analog sticks along with a D-Pad that goes up. The controller will be finally available in the market from November 9 onwards and it will be priced at $65.

Xbox 360 wireless controllerYesterday Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb introduced this new Xbox 360 controller on YouTube. In this video we observed that the device is coming up with a few enhancements for better performance.

The biggest change will be seen on the Xbox 360 wireless controller’s D-pad. The D-pad for the long time was very much neglected part of the controller accessories which was occasionally used as a secondary weapon toggle. But now it has become more usable, so the users will surely enjoy it specially when there are some fighting games.

The new controller has been designed with a deeper concave structure on the analog sticks. It looks smarter with the silver and black color schemes with the monochromatic buttons. Each box of Xbox 360 wireless controller will provide a rechargeable battery kit. The price for this gaming accessory has been set at $64.99 only. It is expected this will be available on stores from November 9, at the same day when November 9 Call of Duty: Black Ops is launched. As our source mentioned in Europe it will be released in February next year.


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    The Xbox360 and the Playstation 3 have been doin’ well, but Microsoft and Sony see the Nintendo Wii doing much better, and they’re right after a piece of the motion gaming action

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