Apple’s Ping Reaches Over 1 Million Users Within 48 hours

Apple pingYesterday Apple hit a milestone reaching more than one million users of Ping. It took only 48 hours after going online.  The tally shows that one third of the three million people that have downloaded iTunes 10. According to Internet Services VP Eddy Cue the number is going to increase more as “many more people” are expected to download iTunes.

The adoption is very fast for a newly launched social network and it happened mainly due to by Apple’s existing user base. With over 160 million iTunes owners using credit cards and therefore definite to have an Apple ID, Ping doesn’t need much effort to get a major portion of those users online. Since it is not possible to always stay in front of the computers customers is more likely use an iPhone or iPod Touch to check Ping, to stay connected with their social networks. This is how Ping is going to penetrate into Apple’s large user base to spread its services.
But apple may face a strong challenge from Facebook which is already an established social network having 500 million users. It remains MySpace is also expected to reach more than 66 million users very soon. Apple has accepted that the primary objective of Ping is music discovery and at present they have no intention to rival Facebook, MySpace or other social networks. Though it has been already out shadowed Zune Social, which is a similar kind of Social network service.



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