Privacy Lawsuit Against Buzz: Google Agrees To Pay $8.5m

Google has finally proposed to pay $8.5m as the settlement amount to a lawsuit against its Buzz social network.

Google Buzz LawsuitGoogle Buzz was launched in February; all Gmail users who were enrolled to this service were able to create a social network base around their contacts. There were a large number of Gmail users who complained that Buzz network is violating their personal privacy, since these users initially had not much control over who could see their contacts.

The amount of money that Google’s proposed to settle of the legal case, will be distributed to pay legal fees and among the seven Gmail users who took Google to court. 30% of the money will go to the lawyers. The seven complainants will get $2500 each and the remaining amount will be given to the organizations that fight for online privacy.

The settlement has not received approval from the federal judge who are still scrutinizing the case.

The sudden increase in the complaints about Buzz at the initial stage forced Google to make some changes that turned it into an opt-in service and gave users control over who they keep contact with.

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