Fanatics have started designing iPhone5

latest iPhone 5 launchWith the Apple iPhone4 craze not yet over and the new device has not yet reached the hands of many people, the iPhone crazy people have started talking about the improved version of the current device. You will be surprised to know that these iPhone fanatics have not kept their dream limited to talking only, but have already started developing their own designs.

One such fanatic has made a design which seems to be much slimmer than the recently revealed iPod touch. Seeing the size and thinness, one should forget comparing it with iPhone4. Though the design seems to be unrealistic at this point of time, chances cannot be ruled out that Cupertino may start selling slim iPhone some time in the near future. If that really happens, the new iPhone design will be the most rocking edition of the iPhone ever seen.

Another designer has said that he has designed a cartoon edition of the iPhone5 ready and he firmly believes that his newly designed iPhone will be different from the others with added applications. Just to mention that the recently launched iPhone4 has not yet been able to overcome its set of problems.

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