Samsung Fascinate all set to release officially on September 9

Samsung Fascinate launchNow the waiting time is over. Samsung has finally announced the official release date of its product Samsung Fascinate and that is on September 9th. Marketing companies like Best Buy have started taking pre-orders of Samsung Fascinate from late August and customers have been making continuous enquiries on the official release date. But the marketing people had no answer since the company was not announcing the official release date of the product.

Samsung Fascinate is basically the Verizon’s rendition of Galaxy S, which is quite popular. It is also set to join the already existing and available Captivate (from AT&T) and Vibrant (T-Mobile). It will be available through the largest 3G provider of the nation and Fascinate will be the first to deliver Bing apps which include the Maps and the search.

The Fascinate does not have anything new to make it distinct from the GS family, but it is expected to have Verizon exclusives like NFL Mobile application and service from one of the best networks in the country.

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