Google Maps Creator Heads To Facebook

Google Maps creator Lars Rasmussen has made a significant decision to leave Google and to join Facebook. He announced this move in his Facebook page earlier yesterday. Rasmussen was also responsible for bringing out the Google Wave project, although which had not gone according to the plan so far. Despite these, Lars Rasmussen is considered a top developer in the world due to his contribution in creating Google Maps.

Google Maps Creator

Rasmussen would not have moved to Facebook without any intentions. He had thought about this move earlier, industry experts suggest. By this move, Google takes a back seat whereas Facebook will be boosted by his services. Though nothing has been revealed about the projects that Rasmussen would be working on, Facebook would love to have him for the big projects.

This is a major setback for Google in a year or so since Matthew Papakipos left the search giant. Facebook has expanded its services over a period of time and with Rasmussen, it would continue in a big way.

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