Apple Announcement On November 16 – Build Up For iTunes

Apple is in Announcement mood. Apple has written on their site that, “Tomorrow (November 16) will be just another day.  You will  never forget”. Actually Apple is in a mood to announce something big related to iTunes Service. Apple has not officially released any information regarding the announcement. As known, they want to keep it as a surprise to the users.

Apple Annoucement November 16

But there are a lot of speculations over this announcement, the one being a cloud based service for iTunes. Since Apple acquired Lala, there has not been a single service annonucement from them. May be this big hype now given by Apple is something related to streaming content to iTunes.

This kind of a move will be welcomed by all users of iTunes. But those being just guesses and speculations, one needs to be patient for some more time.  By the way, Apple is preparing iTunes Store to disclose The Beatles catalog.

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