HTC Desire – A Christmas Phone Review!

It is always hard to continue with success. Just ask any rock band who has made one amazing album only to fade away into obscurity with their follow ups. That’s why tension mounts about the HTC Desire, the sequel to the hugely successful Legend handset.

HTC Desire Christmas Phone Review

First of all, I dare anyone not to be impressed by the 3.7inch OLED screen. It looks stunning and produces a wonderful range of colours and contrast. The design of the phone is sleek and stylish, yet it is completely functional, there has been no compromise between design and efficiency. The phone is fast, the touch screen works well, the Android 2.1 OS and sense UI do everything you want it to do. This phone deserves its place amongst the top of the Smartphone range.

The phone is set out with widgets and home screens, like the other Smartphone’s. This time though you have a main home screen and three either side, which can be populated with whatever widget you wish. And, you can also change the size of the apps that are running on them. This is a brilliant system which really works for the phone.

With the HTC Desire you will be getting a very good 5MP camera, touch screen Smartphone and 4GB included memory on the expandable SD card. Now, if I were to have any gripes it would be the SD card. It seems too little memory as standard for a Smartphone, when its competitors include 8GB usually (the Iphone 4 starts at 16GB). This can be resolved though, the memory is expandable to 32GB and a quick browse will find you a good deal on a 16 or 32GB card for all your Smartphone’s media.

Battery life is the only thing I can make note of in the negatives. It is important that a Smartphone can last at least a day without charge, and anyone with a Smartphone accepts that a week without charge while doing all the functions the phone offers is impossible. The battery life on the HTC Desire is suspect, but only when a lot of background applications are running or updating.  General Day to day use and the battery is perfectly acceptable.

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