Google Maps 5.0 Illustrated On Nexus S

Google Maps has now become a part and parcel of our life. On your Mobile with Google Maps, you can easily find directions for the required spots and get recommendations for hotels, restaurants etc. A New YouTube video reveals Google Maps 5.0 and its cool features. Some of them include – viewing Buildings in 3D, getting traffic reports and a latitude feature which is pretty handy when it comes to finding your friends current location.

Google Maps 5.0 For Mobile

According to the current rumors, the Google Maps 5.0 has been working on Nexus S Gingerbread, but as usual its expected to be rolled out for Froyo users as well.

Some of the new features also include vector images instead of tiles, offline caching for later viewing and multi touch gestures. Google has uploaded a walk through video of this application which is expected to be released in the coming days. Earlier this Monday, Google Chief Android Architect Andy Rubin announced at the Dive Into Mobile conference about the possible release of Google Maps 5.0 in this month.

Whatever it is, Google Maps 5.0 looks cool and its a great add on for Nexus S.

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