iPhone Nano Rumor Tops Internet Charts – Apple Is Mum

Apple has always been on top when it comes to rumored products. iPhone gets into the act yet again with a new rumored Nano version of current iPhone 4. It seems to be a smaller, cheaper and a compact version of iPhone 4 with no memory. Codenamed N97, this Nano version is expected to be released by the end of this year and at half the cost of iPhone 4.

iPhone Nano Apple

Terming No Memory, we mean that Apple is going to revamp its Cloud Computing App – MobileMe – allowing users to store data online and synchronize them seamlessly. It is also expected that Apple will make this MobileMe service free, removing the $99 annual subscription charge. The basic aim is to remove onboard memory. iPhone Nano will have memory enough to buffer applications to the cloud server.

Ofcourse, this service has its own mystery in its working. How will photos, voice recordings be stored? Will they be uploaded to the cloud server? If so, what will happen if there is no connectivity to the Internet? Will there be a temporary storage spot?

The iPhone Nano without memory will mean a complete redesign and a complete change in behavior. So basically, Apple is trying to make iPhone a feature rich phone by allowing it to connect to cloud servers for each operation. The feasibility however is a question mark.

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