Post-purchase Consumer Response To Kinect Sensor May Trouble Microsoft

Kinect is known to be Guinness’s new world champion in terms of fastest-selling tech device, but do you have any idea about Xbox 360 motion-sensor’s software attach rate?

Microsoft claims that it sold “more than 10 million standalone Kinect games…worldwide to date.” So approximately 10 million games beside 10 million units are sold, which means a 1:1 software-hardware attach rate. To be more precise, one game has been sold for every Kinect sensor.

Though Microsoft hasn’t said anything on the game itself, but we are sure, it must be Kinect Sports or Dance Central. Now the question which is really haunting us is that the gamers who purchased a Kinect sensor till now after 4th November on average picked up just a single game.

Is this not indicating the negative response of the consumers after purchasing Kinect Sensor?

Our assumption is that those gamers who have bought the sensor are not really persuaded to use it again after trying it for once. Another probable reason may be the games are not appealing to them. The negative impact of the games are causing in the declining demands.

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One Response to "Post-purchase Consumer Response To Kinect Sensor May Trouble Microsoft"

  1. Damian says:

    It should be in the genius book of world records for best marketing campaign. and that’s it! The kinect sucks, the playstation move is a far more better piece of technology than the kinect.

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