iPhone Apps For Disaster Management

You must be aware of the recent Tsunami that broke into Japan and took away hundreds of lives. Natural disaster usually takes place anywhere at anytime. So you should always remain prepared for that. When a natural disaster happens the sufferers don’t get much time to gather all necessary supplies. Hence developers have built few useful Apps for smartphones that can help them out in case of such disaster breaks in.

Disaster Readiness: This is a concise but organized guide available on iPhone, Android smartphones. The advantages of this app is it delivers all information about how to prepare yourself to cope with any type of disasters, like  cyclones, floods or the chemical spills that can put in danger thousands of lives. You can get this useful app on your smartphone at merely $1.19.

Pocket First Aid & CPR: Using this app you will get general guides, together with videos, and learn how to manage CPR, or how to treat different injuries or burns. To buy this app just pay only $5 and stay safe.

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