Google Crisis Response Page & Google Person Finder For Japan

Google has stepped up to help the Tsunami hit Japan by launching a Crisis Response Page. A large magnitude earthquake struck Japan on March 11th, there by destructing a large area of Japan. This Google Crisis Response Page is a person finder tool to find information about your friends and family.

Google Crisis Response and Google Person Finder

Google is in collaboration with local governments to obtain information on the earth quake affected areas and the possible shelter solutions for people near by. The Google Crisis Response Team has used Google Maps to post pictures of the Tsunami affected areas and has given people a clear view of shelter and safe locations near by. Google Person Finder tool was released within an hour after Earth Quake struck Japan.

Google has also posted news alerts, video updates and has also warned people through its homepage to beware of what was happening. Google will be donating $250,000 as funds in relief operations and has actively participated in providing the latest news and updates regarding the current situation in Japan. Hats off to Google!

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