Sony Ericsson Targets North America With Android Phones

According to the information from AndroidCommunity, it seems like Sony Ericsson has planned to ship as many as 9 Android Phones within this calendar year 2011. Sources reveal that Sony Ericsson has also decided to release the Xperia Play within the first quarter of 2011. This striking target is a very big news for Android and its manufacturers.

Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone

Sony has never been associated big time with Android. But with this move, the company will become a reckoning force in North America and UK as well. Engadget sources have revealed that Sony’s PlayStation Phone will hit UK market by March 31, 2011. This will be the biggest move of Sony in this year. The company has got a downfall in the mobile market after the lack of quality android phones. But with Xperia and its series, Sony Ericsson looks to bounce back with PlayStation integration.

As we know, Sony is the market leader in Gaming consoles and this kind of phone dedicated to gaming with multi touch gestures will attract a wide range of customers.

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