Nintendo Wii – Fastest Selling Gaming Console In US

Nintendo’s Wii console has recorded a whooping 35 million units in the United States, according to a recent report from NPD Group. From the NPD Group’s February report of sales figure, Nintendo Wii has managed to cross 35 million units. This sales figure is faster than any other console in the history of US.

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo says that they have achieved a sale of 454,000 consoles last month. But even then, its behind Xbox 360. Despite maintaining an edge over its competitors, Wii has not skyrocketed in sales. But to be honest, they have competed really well even after Sony’s release of PlayStation Move and Microsoft’s release of Kinect last year. Microsoft had recently announced that they have sold 10 million sensors from the time it was launched during November 2010.

Apart from the console sales, Wii Software has got a significant surge in its sales as well. Wii has sold 8 million copies since its debut in late 2009.

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