Facebook Shutting Down March 15 – Proved Rumor Today

A couple of months ago, there were rumors circulating in the web that Facebook is shutting down on march 15. Weekly World News was the site to start the rumor and it spread like a wild fire. The site stated that Mark Zuckerberg wanted his old life back and hence he has decided to quit Facebook to put an end to all madness. This silly rumor created a little panic among Facebook users.

Facebook Shutting Down March 15

This Hoax has been proved wrong today! Yes, its March 15 today and Facebook is still live and it will be in the future. Official Confirmation was made by Facebook earlier that it was a rumor and the company is not shutting down anytime sooner nor it has any such plans. Various reasons were said for why Facebook might shut down in addition to disinterest of Mark Zuckerberg. People were made to believe all such nuisance.

So what’s the point of this post? Well, we just remind people that Facebook is still live and advise its users not to believe anything as such.

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