Apple iPhone 5 May Drop NFC Support

Apple iPhone 5There’s always been huge speculation regarding the next generation iPhone – people are very much curious to know whether the next gen iPhone will include this or that. Will it flaunt a larger display screen or have an improved camera etc.
According to a source the upcoming iPhone will not attach NFC chip which is quite contradictory to what we have heard previously. NFC is a useful feature that permits the device to make really-short distance transactions just by signaling it in front of an NFC reader.
The transactions may be of different types – you can pay your bus fair, or buy a meal at McDonalds. Hence the usability of the advanced NFC technology is immense and when a device is combined with such programmable NFC chip it becomes a revolutionary gadget. But why this feature has been eliminated from Apple’s upcoming iPhone is not clear. May be Apple is in planning of making its own NFC-driven technology. Untill then NFC won’t be available in the iPhone 5.

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