Samsung’s Series 9 Laptop Priced At $1,199

Series 9 notebook priceSamsung has recently announced the price of its latest Series 9 notebook, which is quite attractive. The price of this brand new Series 9 notebook has been set at $1,199. The powerful device is made with something called Duralumin, which Samsung describes as “the New Definition of Lightweight.” It looks stunning both inside and out. The Notebook features Intel i5 380UM processor, Intel’s HD Graphics 3000, and incorporated a 64GB Solid State Drive (SSD). The luxurious notebook Series 9 has got a soft-touch feel to it, and is irregular only by a soft Samsung logo in the center, along with another narrow strip that appears like brushed aluminum. Moreover the notebook consists of a superbright display plus a backlit keyboard, as well as a 128 GB SSD. The SSD has been included to the Series 9 to give a nice speed enhancement, though it offers limited space and therefore users will have to store their media files in external drives.

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