Samsung’s WiFi Version Of Galaxy Tab Release In UK:Date & Price Confirmed

Galaxy Tab WiFiThe WiFi-only version of Samsung Galaxy Tab P1010 is available on pre order sale at Amazon UK. The tablet PC is an Android 2.2 operated device which will arrive on March 31. You can grab this amazing tablet by paying only £299 ($477), or pay £100 less than the unlocked 3G-enabled P1000, the new version has got the same 1024 x 600 touchscreen, with WiFi, and single-core 1GHz processor plus16GB of storage capacity.

Reportedly Samsung will be offering the P1010 at only $399 on April 4 In US market. Till now there is no such indication of the WiFi-only version to be available on Amazon US, but if we consider the timing of the leak and Amazon UK’s plan that give a clear sign of its arrival in US. Whether the P1010 will be shipped too late to make any market impact, especially with when the Honeycomb tablet XOOM is already on sale, yet to be seen.

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