Google’s Motorola Xoom Not Selling Well

motorola xoom sellGoogle’s latest challenge beat Apple iPad seems to be failed so far. Google’s Motorola Xoom tablet has sold merely around 100,000 units, whereas Apple’s iPad2 has been sold more or less four to five times that amount, and experts says that the prospect for the newest Android tablet does not seem good.

People are looking for the reasons of Xoom’s failure. May be the $800 price tag is one of the reason behind its inability to create a market demand. Even its two-year contract lowers the price to $600 level, which is still very high. Besides that the iPad2 is much cheaper and has a big advantage in tablet apps, consumers are much more eager to buy iPad 2 than Xoom tablet.

While most of the tech experts have had a high expectations due to the tablet’s Honeycomb 3.0 operating system, various tech sites gave their mixed reactions on the limited availability of the Android tablet apps.

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