Google Maps For Android Devices Reaches 50 Million Downloads

google maps, android appsSince there has been a rapid growth in Android devices in recent times, hence Google’s own GPS service, Google Maps which is eventually the first Android app has reached 50 million downloads. That, certainly, includes the fact that the app is mandatory for all Android users, but it isn’t merely an issue of ordinary software which is being pushed to the users. Google Maps is a alarming piece of mobile software. The mapping app created a storm in app world when Android first launched back during 2008. It presented street-level views of the user’s location in real time, which is very much different than anything that iPhone or any mobile device had offered. After that, Google Maps for mobile users became the most popular way to search for the nearest restaurant, to find an address or just use as a standard GPS device. Google refined its GPS turn-by-turn software a lot including its Navigation system, and it can even offer one-click access to the GPS functionality as an integrated feature on latest Android devices.

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